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We are a group of friends and racers united for one purpose: Promoting nostalgia drag racing in the mid-Atlantic region.

Our members are as varied as their cars. They come from all walks of life, but race as one group. At our races you will find friendship and comradery, instead of cutthroat competition.
Don’t misunderstand - when two cars pair up at the starting line, the competition is real - each person wants to win - but it ends at the finish line.

Interested in racing with us? Here's a link to our application. Be sure to read our rules before applying for membership!

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Maple Grove July 20-21

This weekend at Maple Grove Saturday 20th and Sunday 21st entry fee is $60 each day.
Spectators can get a 2 day pass for $30.
Gates open at 7:00am both days with time shots starting at 9:00am.
If you drop trailer off Friday night, you will have to pay $15 spectator entry to get in. If you come after 8:00pm you may not be charged.
Track said they had no problem with camping didn't say anything about a fee.
GOOD LUCK and have FUN
South Mountain 7/14/24

Another hot one on Sunday!

MANDRA had 21 drivers and their crews brave the heat Sunday.

1st round Tim Milliron got the bye with a RT of .002 in time shots.
Brian Yarrison copoints leader suffered a 1st round loss to Bob Maulick.
Brian Wallace takes out the younger Jarred Wallace, John Wise takes out Jim Shearer, Randy Campbell puts Frank Giallonardo on trailer, Dave Fenzel beats Ralph Ferraro, Bob English
wins over Bill Johnson.

Mike Volpe copoints leader with a win over Irvin Johnson.
Geoff Sotak takes out Matt Walker, Dan Wagner over Marc Longacre.
Round 2 Winners, Bob English runs a 5.86 on a 5.86 with a RT of .017, Mike Volpe does a 7.50 on a 7.45 with a RT of .011, Larry Wittig goes 6.45 on a 6.50 with a RT of .039, Dan Wagner with a 7.8 dial in goes 7.11.

Brian Wallace had bye run and ran a 6.05 on a 6.04 with a RT of .043.

ROUND 3 Brian Wallace over Dan Wagner, Dan with a red light.
Larry Wittig over Bob English close race Larry goes 6.11 on a 6.07 with RT of .039, Bob goes 5.88 on a 5.85 RT of .078.

John Wise over Mike Volpe, John does a 7.10 on a 7.09 with a RT of .013, Mike had a 7.53 on a 7.44 RT of .040.

Semifinals, John Wise with every racer dream a bye into finals just about as cool as winning.
Larry runs a 6.11 on a 6.10 with RT of .087, Brian goes 6.08 on a 6.08 but had a bad light .231 due to equipment failure.

Larry over John who ran 7.11 on a 7.11 but got caught by a red light.

A big THANKS to sponsors Larry Wittig and Mike Fishel.

A shout out to Marc Longacre for getting his license runs in 130 MPH in the 1/8 mile! WOW that's hauling butt!
See everyone at Maple Grove next week.

Winner - Larry Wittig
Runner-Up - John Wise
Semi's - Brian Wallace

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