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Beaver Springs July 6-7

Beaver Springs July 6

Good evening,
MANDRA  Saturday was another hot one a big thanks to our sponsorfor Saturday Larry Wittig.
We had 25 cars on hand.
The day started with Geoff Sotak leading the points.
1st round winners Jarred Wallace, John Rose, Randy Campbell, Frank Giallonardo, Ralph Ferraro, Brian Wallace, Brian Yarrison, Bob English, Mike Volpe. Gary Yoder, Tim Milliron, and Irvin Johnson. Bob Maulick had the bye run.
Round 2 had a couple of upsets with Irvin Johnson putting Mike  volpe on trailer, Gary Yoder taking out Bob English, Frank Giallonardo had a bye.
Round 3 Frank G over John Rose, Randy over Irvin, Brian over Bob M.
Semifinals Brian takes out Randy, Frank was unable to get his car started in lanes giving Gary a solo run into finals.
Gary runs a 10.80 on a 10.80 dial in, Brian goes 12.82 on a 12.76 giving GARY YODER his first MANDRA win!
Way to go GARY.
Brian Yarrison was leading points at end of day.

Winner - Gary Yoder
Runner-up - Brian Yarrison
Semi's - Frank Giallonardo
Semi's - Randy Campbell
Beaver Springs July 7

HELLO again.

Sunday at Beaver MANDRA had 21 cars a big thanks to MOE'S auto repair for sponsoring Sunday's race.
Chirs Righetti had a .001 RT in 2nd round of time shots giving him a bye run in the 1st round.

The 1st round saw Jarred Wallace, .Jim shearer, Randy Campbell, Bruce Thomas, Bob English, Bob Maulick, Merritt Snyder, Tim Milliron, Mike Volpe, Brian Wallace, and Chris Righetti advanced to the 2nd round.

2nd round Jim Shearer had the bye, Chirs, Bruce, Mike, Bob E, Bob M, go to the 3rd round.

Chirs runs a 10.62 on a 10.60 to beat Jim shearer, Mike Volpe  runs a 11.78 on a 11.68 with a .024 RT to end Bruces day, Bob Maulick  runs a 9.12 on a 9.07 with a RT .028 to win against Bob English.

Semifinals, Bob M runs a 9.07 on a 9.08 with a RT .022. Chris runs a 10.54 on a 10.62 dial, Mike Volpe had a bye in the finals.

Bob Maulick dials in a 9.07, Mike Volpe a 11.67, Bob with a .040 RT and Mike with a .062 red light giving Bob Maulick the win.

Congrats to bare bones racing!

At the end of the day Mike Volpe and Brian Yarrison are tied for top spot in points.
Wfinner - Bob Maulick
Runner-Up - Mike Volpe
Semi's - Chris Righetti
Mason-Dixon 22 June 2024

WOW was it hot on Saturday!

Thanks to everyone that braved the heat Saturday.
  MANDRA had 16 cars including JOHN GOSE and his amazing rear engine dragster.

GREG MAUCHAMER said this was  1st time in MANDRA history 2 rear engine dragsters went down track side by side (see video below)
  ANTHONY PICONE had a .0052 RT in 1st round of time shots but with an even field no bye run.
First round DAVE FENZEL's car would not start giving BRAIN YARRISON a single into 2nd  round.
DAN WAGNER takes out GEOFF SOTAK for the CSW bounty hunter bonus.
Round 3 semi finals  LARRY WITTIG beating MERRITT SNYDER,  ANTHONY  PICONE taking out DAN WAGNER.
In the FINAL LARRY runs a 9.6818 on a 9.68 dial in and a .078 RT beats ANTHONY who ran a 11.8670 on a 11.81 dial in and a .0238 RT

Ray Bloom

Winner - Larry Wittig
Runner-up - Anthony Picone
Semi's - Merritt Snyder
Semi's - Dan Wagner
Maple Grove 15 June 2024

Maple Grove recap

It was great racing weather Saturday at the grove! MANDRA had 25 cars for the race for the house.  There was some good racing in 1st round with Jim shearer taking out points leader GEOFF SOTACK and getting bounty hunter bonus and GARY CONTE takes out 2nd place RANDY CAMPBELL .BRIAN YARRISON had BYE with a .003 light in 1st round of time shots round 2 finds BRICE THOMAS with BYE after getting a .000 in 1st round . 3rd place in points BRIAN Yarrison losing to MARK SANTEE .Round 3 GARY CONTE  with BYE with a .010 light PETE  BOYER takes out MARK SANTEE   BRUCE takes out JOHN ROSE MIKE VOLPE takes out BOB ENGLISH .Round 4 Pete, unable to make a run gives MIKE a single into finals  .and GARY takes out BRUCE to advance .Final race MIKE goes .008 red GARY with .036 takes win . Thanks to everyone who came out to support RACE for the house, it's a great event and a great cause .

Ray Bloom

Winner - Gary Conte
Runner Up - Mike Volpe
Semi's - Bruce Thomas
Numidia Dragway 8 June 2024

It was a great day for racing Saturday! The weather was beautiful. MANDRA had 19 cars.

Good racing in the first round. Chris Righetti with no time shots takes out Bob English. Randy Campbell ran 10.59 on a 10.58 dial in to beat last week's winner Anthony Picone.

Round 2 Randy Campbell and Jim Shearer with identical reaction times; Randy running a 10.59 on a 10.59 dial in and Jim running a 10.73 on a 10.70 dial in. Chris Righetti ran a 10.58 on 10.54 dial in to beat Merritt Synder. Jeff Sotak and Dave Fenzel with identical reaction time; Jeff running a 10.66 on a 10.68 dial in.

Round 3 with Tim Milliron with a .006 light taking out Chris Righetti. Jeff Sotak taking out Frankie G. and Randy Campbell with a bye run!

Round 4 Jeff Sotak had the bye run and Randy Campbell took out Tim Milliron!

Final Round Randy with a .049 light and Jeff with .082 light; Randy running on a 10.61 on a 10.61 and Jeff running 10.67 on a 10.68. Giving Randy a well-earned win!

Congratulations to all!

President's Pick Racer of the Day goes to Tim Milliron! Who in the time shots had an .009 light and .003 light. In eliminations had .057, .054, .006, and .005.

Thanks to everyone for showing up! See you all at Maple Grove, on Saturday, June 15th! 

Ray Bloom

Winner - Randy Campbell
Runner Up - Geoff Sotac
Semi's - Tim Milliron
Final at the finish line
Beaver Springs Dragway 25-26 May 2024
Saturday 25 May

HELLO MANDRA kind of a slow start to are 2024 season we got rain out at south mountain and only one round on Saturday-On-Saturday MANDRA had 27 drivers signed in it started out looking like good weather we got 2 rounds of time shots in with Paul (moe) costly earing bye run with a .0029 RT before we could get in 1st round we got a lengthy rain Dely   when we got word to make are way to staging lanes.  a few drivers had gone home or choose to stay in trailer . giving 3 drivers a bye run not long after 1st round rain came back hard and race was called .

Sunday 26 May

WOW we finally got a to complete a race.

Sunday was a great day for racing MANDRA had 25 cars signed in, weather was great, pits were a little soggy in the morning but dried fast.

GREG MAUCHAMER had low rt in first round of time shots with a .0069 looking good for a possible bye run in first round.

In the 2nd round of time shots, BILL WERT said hold my beer and laid down a .0001 rt.

Unfortunately MARK SANTEE broke giving us an even field with no BYE  for Bill.

I think everyone was a little rusty with 9 red lights in 1st round.

RANDY CAMPBELL saved our reputation with a .0048 rt. 

ROUND  2 brought more red than green lights.

Paul costly came through with a .0221 light.

ROUND  3 everyone settled down,
ANTHONY PICONE laid down a .0021 to take out PAUL COSTLY. 

In the semi-finals ANTHONY PICONE had a bye run into finals and BRIAN YARRISON taking out GEOFF SOTAC to move into the finals.

This was a really cool  pairing for the final.

ANTHONY had a .0512 light to BRIAN`s .1168 light.  ANTHONY ran a 11.88 on a 11.87 dial in and BRIAN running a 12.78 on a 12.72 giving ANTHONY the win.


Just a little side note, if you are not racing one day go to staging lanes and watch MANDRA roll in.
I think we have the best cars of any club. We have gassers, alters, dragsters, muscle cars, super stockers, 8 second cars, 13 second cars and everything in between.
Winner - Tony Picone
Runner Up - Brian Yarrison
Semi's - Geoff Sotak
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