MANDRA Apparel
(Available at the track)
All Hats are 15.00: They come in Royal Blue, Dark Grey, Black, Red, and Stone/Tan
Black and charcoal grey t-shirts are 16.00 for sizes S-XL, 19.00 for 2X, and 21.00 for 3X.
Blue shirts are 14.00 for size S-XL, 18.00 for 2X, and 21.00 for 3x.
Light ash grey shirts are 13.00 for S-XL, 17.00 for 2X and 20.00 for 3X. Woman's cherry red shirts are 19.00 for M-XL, and 21.00 for 2X.
Sweat Shirts are 23.00 for M-XL, and 27.00 for 2XL. They come in Black and Grey.
Jackets are pre-order only! Must pay in Advance.
Sizes: S-XL - 75.00
2X - 79.00 3X - 83.00
4X - 88.00
Flags are 40.00
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