Island Dragway  Oct 9th
2022 Printable Race Schedule2022 Printable Race Schedule
2022 Points Schedule
Sunday May 1st - South Mountain
Season Opener

Rained Out!

Sunday May 15th - Atco Dragway
Yesterday Drags
and Car Show
Sponsor: Harris/Davenport

Winner: Jamie Reichert
Runner-up: Rob Maulick

Sat/Sun May 28-29 Beaver Springs
Memorial Day Weekend
Sponsor: May 28 -ARC Plasma Cutting
Charlie Innerst
May 29 - English Brothers Racing
Bob, Marc, and Keith

Winner 28 May:Merritt Snyder
Runner-up 28 May:Brian Yarrison
Winner 29 May:Merritt Snyder
Runner-up 29 May:Carly Boyer

Saturday June 11th Cecil County
Nostalgia Drags and Car Show
Sponsor: D&M Engineering
Dick Demott

Rained Out!

Saturday June 18th - Maple Grove
Race for the House
Sponsor: Iron Horse Construction

Winner: Bob Maulick
Runner-Up: Randy Campbell

Sunday July 10th - South Mountain
Drag Racers Reunion
Sponsor: FWG Racing
Grey Primer Racing
Susquehenna Valley Insulators

Winner: Brian Wallace
Runner-Up: Bob English

Saturday July 16th - Mason-Dixon
Mid Summer Saturday Race
Sponsor: John Hake Auto Service

Winner: Bob Maulick
Runner-Up: Bud Poust

Sat/Sun July 30-31 - Numidia
Weekend 2 Day Race
Jul 30 - Blue Oval/Better Half Racing
Jul 31 - Quarter Mile Farms

Winner: July 30 - Jamie Reichet
Runner-Up: July 30 - Mark Santee
Winner: July 31 - Mark Santee
Runner-Up: July 32 - Geoff Sotak

Saturday August 6th - Maple Grove
Geezers at the Grove
Sponsor: Hansberry Enterprises/Bare Bones Racing

Winner: Geoff Sotak
Runner-Up: Mark Santee

Sunday August 21st - Atco
Yesterday Drags and Car Show
Sponsor: Cyclone Racing

Winner: Terry Sacks
Runner-Up: Josh Nevells

Sat/Sun Sept 3-4 - Beaver Springs
Sep 3 - Founders Day Race & Picnic
3 Sept Team Ferraro
4 Sept Santee Racing

Winner 3 Sep: Merritt Snyder
Runner-up 3 Sep: Bob Maulick
Winner 4 Sep: Chris Righetti
Runner-up 4 Sep: Josh Nevells

Canceled - Sunday Sept 11th - Island Dragway
Ol' Daze Drags
Sponsor: ABP Mechanical


Canceled -Sunday September 25th - South Mountain
Glory Days
Sponsor: R & A Racing


Sunday Oct 9th - Island Dragway
Fall Nostalgia Classic
Sponsor: ABP Mechanical


Pending Banquet Change

All scheduled races will be MANDRA points races

Rain Dates  -  Some tracks have rain dates on their schedules for special races.

As in the past MANDRA will not reschedule a rain out race.

Due to reduced attendance rescheduled races do not work out well for MANDRA members or the track. All members are welcome to attend the tracks rain date race if it works for them but MANDRA will not participate in rescheduled races as a club
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