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We finished the 2022 MANDRA season with a great day of racing at Island Dragway. The day started off chilly with temperatures barely in the 40’s but temperatures climbed well into the 60’s making for a great day of racing where many of the competitors ran their best ET’s and 60 foot times of the year and in some cases their best times ever. The track was well prepared.

The days sponsor was ABP Mechanical, Tony and Kim Picone. Additional bonus dollars were offered by Ray Bloom and Tony Picone for the best reaction time in each round of competition leading to the final.

Bud Poust had low reaction time in time runs with a .006, with 21 cars on hand Bud did get a first round bye run.

The top six in MANDRA points still had a mathematical chance to win the points race if things went their way. In the first round , Maulick and Snyder all advanced, making them mathematically in competition with each other for the top three points positions. Snyder also had low reaction time and a $40 bonus in the first round.

Round two saw one of the best races you will ever see with Tony Picone and Bud Poust, both cars had the same dial-in of 11.67, at the finish line Tony ran 11.663 to defeat Buds 11.660 in a double break out finish. Mark Santee defeated Randy Campbell, Bob Maulick defeated Irvin Johnson and Merritt Snyder had a bye run and again had low reaction time of the round and a $20 bonus.

In round three Tony Picone defeated Tim Hansberry to advance to the semi-finals. Then the competition got hot, Chris Righetti defeated Merritt Snyder when Merritt ran out by .001 ending his day but Merritt had already secured the number one position in points. Bob Maulick gave Mark Santee a “WHOOPIN” that’s gonna hurt ‘til spring, Mark had a good run but Bob had an .017 RT and ran 8.903 on his 8.89 dial for the win.

The .017 RT also gave Bob the $20 reaction time bonus for round three and gave him the bye run into the final round moving him into the number two position in points.

The semi-final round saw Chris Righetti defeat Tony Picone and receive the $20 low RT bonus for the round. Bob Maulick had the bye run.

The final race of 2020 saw Chris Righetti red light on a great run of 10.325 on his 10.33 dial giving Bob Maulick the win.

The unofficial points standing for the 2022 season is #1 Merritt Snyder, #2 Bob Maulick, #3 Mark Santee. Congratulations to everyone and thank you for your support of MANDRA.

The official points standing will be posted in a couple days.
Winner 10/9/22 - Bob Maulick
Runner-up 10/9/22 - Chris Righetti
Semis 10/9/22 - Tony Picone


Another great weekend at Beaver Springs Dragway, Labor Day weekend race and Founders Day Picnic. The MANDRA picnic went very well with a lot of really great food, well presented. Thank you to Kim Picone and all those who brought their favorite dish and those who helped set up and clean up. This is truly a special event.

MANDRA had 28 cars on hand Saturday, the days sponsor was Team Ferraro, thank you Ralph and Loree. John Wise had low reaction time with a .003 light but with an even number of cars there was no first round bye run.

First two rounds went very smooth. The third round saw Bob Maulick win over Bud Poust in a close race, Geoff Sotack took out Mark Santee, Brian Yarrison defeated Tim Hansberry and Merritt Snyder had a bye run due to low RT in the previous round.

This brought MANDRA down to four cars for the semi-finals, Bob Maulick defeated Brian Yarrison when they both took naps on the starting line and Merritt Snyder won a close race over Geoff Sotak. The final pitted Merritt Snyder against Bob Maulick.

The final saw Merritt leave first with a .030 RT, running a 10.47 on his 10.41 dial, Bob followed with a .115 RT running 8.95 on his 8.97 dial giving Merritt the win.

The consolation race had 11 participants with Ray Bloom getting the bye run. The first round went smoothly, the second round winners were all determined by red lights.

By third round of the consolation race the heat of the day must have been getting to the racers. Ray Bloom defeated Charlie Innerest when Charlie took a nap on the starting line, Bill Wert had a bye run into the final.

In the final Ray lost his opportunity for a win with a red light while Bill Wert napped on the starting line.

Congratulations to Merritt Snyder and Bill Wert on their wins on Saturday.

Sunday brought in more clouds and a threat of rain, that never materialized, and another great day of MANDRA racing.

Sunday’s sponsor was Santee Racing, thank you to Mark, Anthony and Tommy Santee. The brothers also had door prizes to give away at Sunday’s pre-race meeting, five random ladder positions were designated as winners prior to the washer drawing, those who picked those designated ladder positions won the door prizes. Winners were Mike Volpe, Geoff Sotak, Brian Yarrison, Mark Longacre and Randy Campbell. Great idea from the Santee brothers thank you for your support.

Sunday also had 28 MANDRA cars but Gary Scott found a cracked weld on his dragster chassis and had to drop out of competition leaving 27 cars for first round. Ray Bloom had low, low reaction time with a .0007, and for the first time in a while the low reaction time racer actually got the first round bye run.

There was a buzz around the pits about a fund being built for the benefit of any driver who would take out the MANDRA points leader, who-da-thunk that might happen. In first round Tim Hannsberry drew the washer that paired with Merritt Snyder for first round, Tim left first with an .074 RT, and ran a 12.02 on his 11.98 dial-in, while Merritt followed with an .084 RT and couldn’t run his dial with a 10.50 on a 10.43 dial-in. This gave Tim the win and a $275 bounty for getting the job done, congratulations Tim Hansberry. The rest of first two rounds went smoothly.

The third round was down to seven cars with Bill Wert defeating Tim Milliron, Bud Poust defeating Tim Hannsberry, Chris Righetti sending Gary Breeback home and Josh Nevells had a bye run.

In fourth round Chris Righetti won over Bill Wert, and Josh Nevells won when Bud Poust turned on a .010 red light.

The final pitted Chris Righetti and Josh Nevells, Chris left first with a .045 RT, Josh took chase but ran too quick with a 9.51 on his 9.53 dial-in. Congratulations to Chris Righetti.

It was a good weekend of racing, always fun at Beaver Springs.

Next Sunday MANDRA will be at Island Dragway, details will follow.
Winner 9/3/22 - Merritt Snyder
Runner-up 9/3/22 - Bob Maulick
Semis 9/3/22 - Geoff Sotac
Semis 9/3/22 - Brian Yarrison
Consolation Winner - 9/3/22 Bill Wert
Winner 9/4/22 - Chris Righetti
Runner up 9/4/22 - Josh Nevells
Semis 9/4/22 - Bud Poust
Semis 9/4/22 - Bill Wert


Close racing and a new MANDRA race winner made for an enjoyable race day at Atco Dragway on Sunday.

In addition to the days sponsor Cyclone Racing, two bonus awards were offered, Anthony Santee offered a $20 bonus for a .000 reaction time and Ray Bloom offered a $50 bonus to the worst winning reaction time in eliminations.

MANDRA had 20 racers on hand for race day, Tony Picone had a .009 low reaction time in time trials.

In the first round Tim Milliron came close to collecting the $20 bonus when he had a .001 light taking out his competition, in addition the top 4 MANDRA points leaders all went out in the first round allowing team Boyer, Brian Yarrison, Ray Bloom, Mike Volpe and team Nevells the opportunity to gain points on the leaders.

Round 2 saw Carly Boyer win over Bruce Thomas and Ray Bloom win over Bob Taylor which also gave Ray his own bonus for worst winning reaction time, (.165). In addition Tim Milliron won over Brian Yarrison, Terry Sacks took out Mike Volpe and Josh Nevells sent Steve Dickie home.

In round 3 Carly Boyer advanced over Tim Milliron, Josh Nevells ended Ray Blooms day and Terry Sacks had a bye run.

Semi-finals had Terry Sacks winning over Carly Boyer who left with a starting line advantage only to suffer transmission failure in third gear, Josh Nevells had a bye run into the finals.

The two MANDRA cars lined up for the tracks last run of the day, Terry Sacks had a one second handicap and left first with a .012 reaction time, Josh Nevells assured Terry the win with a .003 red light.

Congratulations to Terry Sacks for a well earned win.

The MANDRA consolation race semi finals came down to Mark Santee vs Geoff Sotak with Geoff taking the win and Merritt Snyder getting a bye run into the finals.
The consolation race final was also over at the starting line, Geoff left first with an .031 RT and Merritt left the line with an .018 red light.

Atco was a fun day of racing with great competition.
Looking forward to seeing everyone at Beaver Springs for the MANDRA Founders Day Race and Picnic.
Winner - Terry Sacks
Runner-Up - Josh Nevells
Semi's - Carly Boyer
Winner Consolation - Goeff Sotak


MANDRA had 28 racers at for the Geezers at the Grove race.
The weather looked “ify” but except for some clouds and humidity race day went pretty well.

Thank you to our days sponsors Hansberry Enterprises – Tim Hansberry and Pat Brewer Carpentry – Pat Brewer, together they put together a double purse for MANDRA racers.

First round went smoothly with $50 bonuses to be paid to the best and worst winning packages in first round competition.

The worst winning package went to Josh Nevells who won his first round with a .278 package. The best winning package in the first round goes to Bob Maulick for his .059 package. The best award was initially given to another racer in error, that winner was not eligible as his race competitor had a red light. Bob can collect his $50 award at the next race, everyone involved in the erroneous awarding of the bonus will be flogged.

By third round the field had thinned out with Carly Boyer defeating Randy Campbell, Mark Santee took Bud Poust out of competition, Geoff Sotak had a bye run when his competition failed to make the round and Josh Nevells had a bye run due to a .012 low reaction time in the previous round.

Fourth round had Mark Santee send Carly Boyer home in a close double break out race and Geoff Sotak eliminated Josh Nevells from competition.

This set up a repeat of the Sunday race at Numedia between Geoff Sotak and Mark Santee with the opposite result, Mark left too soon giving the win to Geoff.
Congratulations to Geoff for his first MANDRA win.

Next race will be Atco Dragway, Sunday August 21 for their Yesterday Drags and Car Show, see you there.

Winner - Geoff Sotak
Runner-Up - Mark Santee
Semi's - Carly Boyer
Semi's - Josh Nevell


To quote a long time MANDRA member any time you can travel once and race twice it’s a good weekend. MANDRA did that at Numidia Dragway this weekend.
The weather was good and the racing was gooder.

Saturday brought 25 MANDRA racers for the Locust Township Police Dept Car show event.
Saturdays sponsors were Blue Oval Racing – Jim Mullin and Better Half Racing - Barbara Sommers. Thank you to our sponsors.

Charlie Innerst had low reaction time in time trials with a .005 and the first round bye run that comes with it.

Racing went smoothly until the semi finals when a change in the weather caught racers off guard and double break outs occurred. Mark Santee defeated John Wise on a good close run with a double break out Mark with a .06 break out and John with an .08 advancing Mark to the finals. Jamie Reichert and Mike Volpe also had double break outs, Jamie with a .02 break out and Mike Volpe with a .03 break out sending Jamie Reichert to the finals.

Mark Santee and Jamie Reichert in the final, who-da-thunk-it. Well it wasn’t over yet both cars left the line with Identical reaction times, at the finish line Jamie got the win when Mark Santee ran out by .001. Congratulations to Jamie, his second win of the year.

In the MANDRA consolation race Jack Stump got the win over a red lighting Bud Poust in the final.

Sunday MANDRA had 27 cars at the start but there were a few casualties along the way. Jarred Wallace went for the Ray Bloom exploding transmission award at half track, the carnage looked pretty devastating. Both Bill Wert and Tim Milliron were unable to make first round.

John Harris, running a loaner car was the low reaction time of time trials with a.001 giving him the first round bye run. Good competition started to heat up in the third round Jack Stump won over Charlie Innerst, Randy Campbell sent Brian Yarrison home, Mark Santee defeated Mike Volpe and Geoff Sotak had a .000 light on a bye run.

This left four cars in the semi-final, Geoff Sotak had a .005 RT to win over a red lighting Randy Campbell and Mark Santee had a .003 RT to win over a red lighting Jack Stump.

The final paired Mark Santee against Geoff Sotak with Geoff leaving first with a .014 RT with Mark in pursuit with a .004 RT. In a double break out finish Mark got the win with a 10.398 on his 10.42 dial, Geoff also broke out with a 11.172 on an 11.20 dial.

Great final round ending to a great weekend of MANDRA racing.

Next week MANDRA will be at Maple Grove for the Geezers at the Grove event, details will be in an email later today.

July 30 - Winner Jamie Reichet
July 30 - Runner-up - Mark Santee
July 30 - Semi's - John Wise
July 30 - Semi's - Mike Volpe
July 30 - Consolation - Jack Stump
July 31 - Winner - Mark Santee
July 31 - Runner-Up - Geoff Sotak
July 31 - Semi's - Randy Campbell
July 31 - Semi's - Jack Stump


Thank you to the 15 MANDRA racers that made the trek to Mason Dixon Dragway on Saturday, And a big thank you to the days sponsor John Hake of John Hake Auto Service.

There was also a $100 bonus available to the first .000 reaction time in eliminations, it went uncollected as the closest RT was a .005 by Bob Maulick in the first round.

It was a weird day of racing but the race day went on without a problem. Time trials went smoothly with Jarred Wallace having low reaction time and a first round bye run with a .003 on his first time run.

In the weird events department, in first round there were five red lights, one racer couldn’t complete the run when the cars hood wasn’t latched properly and one round winner had to be towed back to the pits with a dead battery.

Second round wasn’t any better with three red lights and a bye run determining the round winners.

In the semi-finals Bud Poust defeated Ray Bloom and Bob Maulick defeated Brian Yarrison by .002 in the closest race of the day.

The final was Bud Poust against Bob Maulick with Bud getting almost a 3 second head start. But it was over at the starting line when Bud went .009 red giving the win to Bob. Congratulations to everyone.

In two weeks MANDRA has a two day race weekend at Numidia Dragway.
Plan to be there.

Winner - Bob Maulick
Runner-Up - Bud Poust
Semi's - Ray Bloom
Semi's - Brian Yarrison


South Mountain Sunday, a beautiful sunny race day. MANDRA had 26 racers on hand unfortunately for John Harris a trans or converter failure put him out of
competition in time runs. Welcome new Member Max Wertman, an addition to the Innerest/Stump team.
Tim Milliron had a .008 reaction time giving him the bye run in the first round.

Special sponsorships for this race include Frankie G. (FWG Racing), Brian Wallace (Susquehanna Valley Insulators) and Bill Johnson (Gray Primer Racing).
Thank you for your support of MANDRA racing.

The first round also had a bonus for the BEST and WORST winning package in the first round. That was (ET – DIAL-IN + RT = PACKAGE), Tony Picone won the $50 BEST bonus with a .022 package and Dan Wagner won the $50 WORST bonus with a .161 package. Geoff Sotak had a .006 first round RT giving him a bye run in the second round.

Second round saw Reichert win over Bloom, Snyder over Boyer, Milliron over Wertman, Picone over Campbell, Bob English over Wagner, Brian Wallace over Bill Johnson and Sotak had the bye run.

Third round Tony Picone ran .006 too quick giving the win to Geoff Sotak, Brian Wallace took out Tim Milliron, Bob English won when Jamie Reichert had a red light, Merritt Snyder finished the round with a bye run. Tony Picone, Tim Milliron and Jamie Reichert each received $25 as third round runner-ups.

Fourth round saw Brian Wallace send Merritt Snyder home with a great .016 package and Bob English went on to the finals when Geoff Sotak had a .003 red light.

In the final Brian Wallace made a good clean run for the win when Bob English had a staging problem due to a transmission malfunction.

Congratulations to winner Brian Wallace, runner-up Bob English, semi-finalists Geoff Sotak and Merritt Snyder, quarter finalists Tony Picone, Tim Milliron and Jamie Reichert and to our bonus winners Tony Picone and Dan Wagner, all MANDRA cash winners this weekend at South Mountain.

Next race will be Mason Dixon on Saturday July 16, details will follow.
Have a safe week.

Winner - Brian Wallace
Runner-up - Bob English
Semi's- Merritt Snyder
Semi's- Geoff Sotak
Consol Winner - Brian Yarrison

MANDRA RACING -- Maple Grove - JUNE 18, 2022

The RACE 4 THE HOUSE event at Maple Grove exceeded all expectations.
John Rose and Denny Parisan had the highest turn out of cars ever for this event. The weather was strange, a windy day with morning temperatures in the high 60’s shooting suddenly into the mid 80’s by late afternoon and the humidity all but disappeared. This created difficulty in determining dial-ins.

A thank you to John Rose and Iron Horse Construction for the days sponsorship.

MANDRA had some of the most unusual races with some of the best, and worst reaction times…EVER! MANDRA had 31 cars on hand although Bruce Thomas broke a transmission on a time run and Jim Shearer broke a weld on a ladder bar putting him out of competition. With 29 cars for first round Josh Nevells received the first round bye run with a .002 reaction time, Mark Santee also had a .002 reaction time but Josh was first.

Strange things started with first round with 10 red lights, the closest thing to a normal paring saw Jamie Reichert win with a .002 RT against Tim Miliron’s new AMC Spirit .037 RT, Ralph Ferraro won with a .206 RT over Jack Stump, who must have been having an off day, with a .106 RT and couldn’t run his dial-in. Charlie Innerst and Judd McKinsey, with his 82 Camaro out for the first time both had red lights, Judd got the win light. Mike Volpe and Merritt Snyder paired up with both drivers going red at the starting line and breaking out at the finish line, Merritt had the “less” infraction and got the win light. The biggest win in the first round saw Gary Scott “WHOOP” Mark Santee with a .000 perfect light and running 9.312 on his 9.31 dial-in.

Second round saw Pete Boyer win over Tim Grace, Tim had a .003 RT but ran out with an 11.49 on his 11.54 dial-in, Gary Conte , here’s that word again, “WHOOPED” Merritt Snyder in their pairing Merritt left first with a respectable .019 RT, Gary’s wheel standing 55 Chevy left with a.006 RT, shifting his 5 speed and crossing the finish line with a 8.953 on his 8.95 dial-in. That’s a WHOOPIN’, in a close race Bob Maulick sent Jamie Reichert home when Jamie ran too quick.

Third round Randy Campbell defeated Pete Boyer when Pete had a red light, the next pair was to be Brian Wallace Corvette against Judd McKinsey, Brian had a fuel leak and dispatched a crew member to get the necessary tools, meanwhile the other two remaining pair of cars ran with Bob Maulick defeating Gary Scott when Gary broke out, Gary Conte ran 8.96 on his 8.93 dial to beat Josh Nevells .02 break out. Still waiting for Brian Wallace the track and other competitors were understandably getting anxious, but Brian came through started his car ready to race but now Judds car didn’t want to start, it only took about 30 seconds but it seemed like 30 minutes Judds car started and the race was on, Brian left first with Judd close behind at the finish line Judd won with a 8.722 on a 8.70 dial-in to Brians 9.67 break out on his 9.70 dial-in. Congratulations to both drivers for handling a tough situation so professionally.

With four cars still left in the semi-finals Randy Campbell ran a 10.43 on his 10.39 dial-in to win over Gary Conte when an driver error on his burn out caused a clutch issue slowing him to a 9.10 on his 8.95 dial-in, in the other semi final race Bob Maulick won over a .006 red light by Judd Mckinsey.

This left Randy Campbell and Bob Maulick to race for the final, and one of the most unusual races…EVER, Randy left first, when Bob released his trans brake the car didn’t move, a transbrake failure, as you would expect Bob sat a few seconds pondering what went wrong and what to do next, realizing he should go down track he put the transmission in high gear, this released the transbrake, the car moved breaking the starting line light beam and Bob’s win light came on as Randy had left the line with a .020 red light. This gave Bob Maulick the win with an 8.138 REACTION TIME.

For sure this was one of the most unusual race days ever.

Thank you to , John Rose and Denny Parisan for putting on a great race, Thank you to Iron Horse Construction and John Rose for the days sponsorship, purse and trophies.

Next race , July 10, Drag Racers Reunion.
Thank you to all for being there.

Winner - Bob Maulick
Runner-up - Randy Campbell
Semi's- Gary Conte
Semi-s- Judd Mckinsey


Good morning MANDRA racers and fans. As always we had a great week end of racing at Beaver Springs. The weather Saturday was a little intimidating but the worst that happened was a very light drizzle that stopped racing for about 15 minutes and never even got the ground wet. In the afternoon we had sun with some clouds, racing went on with out problems.

The Saturday race sponsor was ARC Plasma Cutting, Charlie Innerst, MANDRA had 29 cars on hand including new members Geoff Sotak with his 65 Pontiac Tempest, Terry Corbin with a 55 Chevy, and Larry Carasey a Pro Stick racer with a 69 Camaro. Anthony Santee put up a $40 bonus for low RT in time trials and Mike Volpe stepped up to take the bonus with a .0002 reaction time and the first round bye run.

The third round saw Geoff Sotac take the win over Bill Wert, Mark Santee advanced over Bud Poust, Brian Yarrison defeated Mike Volpe and Merritt Snyder defeated Kevin Cox.

The semi-final round found Brian Yarrison winning over Geoff Sotac’s 65 Pontiac when Geoff ran too quick with a .002 break out and Merritt Snyder advanced when Mark Santee had an, unusual for Mark, red light.

The final was Brian Yarrison vs Merritt Snyder, Both cars left with good reaction times. At the finish line Merritt ran a 10.37 on a 10.35 dial in while Brian went too quick running 12.57 on a 12.66 dial in.

The MANDRA consolation race had 6 racers. The final saw Mark Longacre take the win over Greg Mauchamer when Greg red lighted at the start.

Sunday brought sunshine and another great day of racing. Because of the Beaver Springs Jet Car show rescheduled from Friday the track announced there would be only one time run. MANDRA had 33 cars signed up for competition with new member Jarred Wallace, son of Brian Wallace racing a very nice freshly built 68 Corvette. Sunday’s sponsor was the English Brothers, Bob, Mark and Keith. In time trials Mark Santee was low reaction time with a .0009 RT. Unfortunately Brian Wallace went out with a broken transmission, making the field 32 cars eliminating the first round bye run for Mark Santee.

Third round found Mark Santee and Merritt Snyder side by side with Merritt taking the win, John Harris defeated Josh Nevells, Bud Poust defeated Irving Johnson and Carly Boyer took out Mike Volpe.

Semi Finals saw a good race with Carly Boyer getting the win over John Harris and Merritt Snyder getting the win over a red lighting Bud Poust.

The final was a great match up between Carly Boyer and Merritt Snyder with both cars running close to their dial in but Merritt had a better reaction time to take the win. Congratulations to all the winners.

These were two long days of great racing but as always Beaver Springs is great racing fun.

Look forward to seeing everyone at Cecil in two weeks.

May 28th
Winner - Merritt Snyder
Runner-up - Brian Yarrison
Semi's- Geoff Sotak
Semi-s- Mark Santee
May 29th
Winner - Merritt Snyder
Runner-up - Carly Boyer
Semi's - John Harris
Semi's - Bud Poust


A successful, fun opening day for MANDRA! The weather was great, the track was great and the racing was too. MANDRA had 19 cars on hand at Atco Dragway for the first race of the 2022 season. Drivers must have been practicing their starting line routine as there were several .00 reaction times in time trials with Pete Boyer getting the first round bye run with a .002.

In the first round Irvin Johnson had a .001 reaction time to win his round and new member Kevin Cox had a perfect .000 light.

Second round saw a very unusual situation when Rob Maulick and new member Walter Adams, running in separate pairs, had perfect reaction times. The driver who ran closest to his dial-in got the bye run in the next round.

In round three Rob Maulick defeated Dave Fenzel, Jamie Reichert advanced past Ray Bloom and Walter Adams had the bye run because of his perfect light in the previous round.

Semi-finals pitted Rob Maulick against Walter Adams with Walter red lighting his chances away only to find Rob broke his transmission on his 18.69 run. Jamie Reichert had the bye run into the finals due to his .007 reaction time in the previous round.

This set up a final between Rob Maulick and Jamie Reichert, Rob could not make the call to the finals due to the transmission damage giving Jamie a bye run for the win.

All the racers in the consolation race looked like they were winners with great reaction times and running very close to their dial-ins. In the first round Mark Santee won over Kevin Cox with a 10.39 on his 10.38 dial-in. Kevin had his worst reaction time of the day but ran right on his dial-in. Merritt Snyder defeate John Harris in a close race and Mike Volpe had a beautiful bye run with an .040 light and running on his number.

Round two saw Mark Santee take out Mike Volpe, Mark left the line with a .003 light to Mikes .010, but the win was decided by a double break out with Marks 10.33 on a 10.37 dial-in compared to Mikes 10.40 on a 10.45 dial-in.

The consolation race final was Mark Santee vs Merritt Snyder, Mark left the line first with an .054 reaction time, Merritt followed with an .030, at the finish line Merritt ran 10.29 on a 10.27 dial-in and Mark ran too quick with a 10.32 on a 10.34 dial-in, giving Merritt the win.

Sunday was a fun day of racing, Atco is always a great racing experience, everyone was glad to be back at the track and looking forward to Beaver Springs in two weeks.

Have a great week.
Winner - Jamie Reichert
Runner-up - Rob Maulick
Semi's - Walter Adams
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