20th Anniversary
We are a group of friends and racers united for one purpose: Promoting nostalgia drag racing in the mid-Atlantic region.
Our members are as varied as their cars. They come from all walks of life, but race as one group. At our races you will find friendship and comradery, instead of cutthroat competition Don’t misunderstand - when two cars pair up at the starting line, the competition is real - each person wants to win - but it ends at the finish line.
Interested in racing with us? Here's a link to our application. Be sure to read our rules before applying for membership! Thanks!
2018 Final Points List
Mark Santee
2019 Points Runner-up
Bill Wert
2019 Points Third Place
Randy Campbell
2019 Points Champion
2019 - MANDRA's 20th Anniversary!
MANDRA Brick in EMMR Wall
MANDRA Brick in EMMR Wall
MANDRA Group Photo
MANDRA Group Photo
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MANDRA Brick in EMMR Wall
MANDRA Brick in EMMR Wall
MANDRA Group Photo
MANDRA Group Photo
2018 Race Results

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2019 Race Results

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The season is officially over, the Awards Banquet is done and it’s already time to prepare for the 2020 season. The Awards Banquet was a great success thanks to Kim Picone, Allison Bloom,  Bonnie Walker and others who helped put everything together.


There were over 100 attendees including some of MANDRAs’ founding members including Carl Bucks, Steve Moyer, Paul Majerich, Don Wood, Tom Pohorilla, Tim Hansberry and Matt Walker.


Tim Hansberry and Matt Walker were honored as the only two founders who have been members since MANDRAs’ founding in 1999, referred to as our senior members.


Special awards went to Cliff Sebring as Rookie of the Year, Charlie Innerest as Sportsman of the Year , Randy Campbell’s car was voted Favorite Car for 2019 and Bob English won the Low ET for 2019.


In the early days of MANDRA there were the “Ralphys” awards, in 2019 they have become the “Tonys”, awarded by Tony Picone, I can’t begin to remember  all of them, but John Harris received a spare trailer tire so the next time he gets a flat race slick, he can put a trailer spare on both sides of his race car. How thoughtful.


If you have an odd occurrence at the race track, or you screw up in 2020, the “Tonys’” may be watching you.


Congratulations to all our winners in 2019, and thank you to everyone for coming out and celebrating with us at the MANDRA Awards Banquet.


May all the up coming holidays be safe happy and the best ever.


Thank you,




Please save the dates.


Sunday December 15th, 1:00 PM  First meeting at the EMMR Museum - Nomination of officers, directors and committees, any suggestions to rule changes, suggestions for policy changes and anything you would like to discuss about our club.


Sunday January 5th, 1:00 PM  Second meeting at the EMMR Museum - Voting for officers, directors, committees, rule changes etc.


Your input is welcome, your vote counts, please plan to attend.



Membership Meeting 15 December
2019 Points Schedule
2019 Events of Interest