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2015 Membership Directory
Members Only

President: Randy Campbell
Phone: 717-805-9384

Vice President: Merritt Snyder
Phone: 610-262-7275

Secretary: Charlie Innerst
Phone: 717-873-6176

Treasurer: Marilyn Chieffe

Marc English
Bud Poust
Brian Freels

Brian Freels

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PLEASE NOTE: Route 104 (off 11&15 above Liverpool) is now closed. Alternate route would be 11&15 to Selinsgrove, take Rt 522 South to BSD. Monday is a rain date in case Saturday or Sunday is cancelled."

Week 2 Numidia Recap

Twenty-two cars rolled in to Numidia on Saturday, May 9, to compete in the Walker Family Racing sponsored event. Low reaction time was Judd McKinsey; three cars couldn't make first round, so that left a field of 19 cars in competition. Semi-finalist was Charlie Innerst, runner-up was Bud Poust, and the event winner was Frank Giallonard, new member taking his first win with MANDRA. He's off to a good start!

Congratulations to all and thanks to Walker Family Racing for sponsoring the race.

Next race is Memorial Day weekend May 23 & 24 at BSD. Both races are points events and will be sponsored by Arc Plasma Cutting on Saturday and Better-Half Racing on Sunday. Hoping for sunny skies and a good turn out at the Beaver!

Welcome to Mandra Racing!

We are a group of friends and racers united for one purpose - Promoting nostalgia drag racing in the mid-Atlantic region. Our members are as varied as their cars. They come from all walks of life, but race as one group. At our races you will find friendship and comradery, instead of cutthroat competition. Donít misunderstand - when two cars pair up at the starting line, the competition is real - each person wants to win - but it ends at the finish line.

Interested in racing with us? Here's a link to our application! Be sure to read our rules before applying for membership! Thanks!

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