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2015 Membership Directory
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President: Randy Campbell
Phone: 717-805-9384

Vice President: Merritt Snyder
Phone: 610-262-7275

Secretary: Charlie Innerst
Phone: 717-873-6176

Treasurer: Marilyn Chieffe

Marc English
Bud Poust
Brian Freels

Brian Freels

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Banquet Information: Saturday, November 21, Holiday Inn, Kulpsville, PA. Tickets are $25 each and can be reserved by notifying Randy or Marilyn. Deadline for ticket purchase is November 13. Door prize donations are always appreciated.

Atco weekend Recap

Sixteen cars made the trek to Atco on November 1. David Pearce had transmission troubles immediately, so that left 15 cars for first-round eliminations. Race sponsor, Bruce Thomas, had an earned bye-run first round; Matt Walker's car wouldn't start for first round which gave Judd McKinsey an unearned bye-run. The semi-final action had Mike Volpe running against Marc English with Marc getting the win; and Bruce Thomas lost to Anthony Picone in the other semi-finalist pairing. Marc and Anthony ran off the final race of the day and the season with Marc getting his second win of the year. Thanks to Thomas Racing for sponsoring the Gene Droogan Memorial Race.

Congratulations 2015 MANDRA Champion Bud Poust

Mike Volpe second place, and Charlie Innerst and Marc English tied for third.

FINAL points and standings are now posted

2015 FINAL Points

2015 Schedule

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