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2014 Membership Directory
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President: Allen George
Phone: (610) 799-3141

Vice President: Randy Campbell
Phone: (717) 805-9384
Email: ctacommander@centurylink.net

Secretary: Merrit Snyder
Phone: (610) 262-7275

Treasurer: Marilyn Chieffe
Email: mschieffe@aol.com

Bob English
Phone: (570) 752-7716

Charles Innerst
Phone: (717) 244-7871

Jim Shearer
Phone: (717) 535-5491

Brian Freels
Phone: (410) 925-2372 Email:gasserwar@gmail.com

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November 15 Banquet Tickets now available - CONTACT Marylin or Allen George to purchase yours

Upcoming Race and MANDRA picnic information

The next points race is at Cecil County on Saturday, October 18. This is the annual Mandra picnic and Ralph Eberly Memorial Race which is sponsored this year by Hansberry Enterprises. This event has a car show/flea market and Mustang event. It appears that it has the potential to be a full day of racing and activities. Flea market set up starts at 7AM. The track schedule shows the gates opening at 8AM, but it is recommended to get there early. They will start time trials fairly early--9AM??--open time trials. Mandra time trials will follow sometime thereafter. If you did not sign up to bring an item to the picnic, just bring pot luck. There is always plenty and nobody will be turned away!."

Welcome to Mandra Racing!

We are a group of friends and racers united for one purpose - Promoting nostalgia drag racing in the mid-Atlantic region. Our members are as varied as their cars. They come from all walks of life, but race as one group. At our races you will find friendship and comradery, instead of cutthroat competition. Donít misunderstand - when two cars pair up at the starting line, the competition is real - each person wants to win - but it ends at the finish line.

Interested in racing with us? Here's a link to our application! Be sure to read our rules before applying for membership! Thanks!

Cecil County Weekend Recap

Twenty four cars rolled into Cecil County on Saturday, September 20. The race was sponsored by D&M Engineering. Low reaction time went to Merritt Snyder; all 24 cars made first round, so there was not a bye-run. Jim Shearer was eliminated in the semi-finals by Brian Freels. Bruce Thomas had a bye-run into the finals due to low reaction time. Our reigning points champ, Brian Freels, took his first win of the year in the finals against Bruce. It was good to see Bruce on the track this year.

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Points/Standings: are available on race day. See Allen George

Sponsorship: Interested in sponsoring any of this years races? Contact Allen George or Randy Campbell

Updated Rules: Cars manufactured PRIOR to 1977 now eligible. Click here to view complete Rules

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