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MANDRA recap Cecil County     June 13, 2020

Another fun race day Saturday at Cecil County. MANDRA had a good turn out with 26 cars for this event. Thank you to the days sponsor Paul and Josh Nevells Quarter Mile Farm, in Perkasie, PA.

Bruce Thomas had low reaction time with a .006 on his second time run. But again with an even number of cars on hand there was no first round bye run.

The top three MANDRA points holders all went out in round one, Ray Bloom and Merritt Snyder were first pair to the starting line with Ray getting the win by virtue of a -.001 red light by Merritt, next up was Gary Conte who sent Mark Santee home with a hole shot win in what could have been a very close race. Next came a heads up race between Chris Righetti and Roger Bard with Roger putting a huge hole shot on Chris to end his day early.

Also worth mentioning in the first round was a real close race between Josh Nevells and Bruce Thomas, Bruce had a .003 better reaction time and .008 at the finish line to send Josh home.

Racing went smoothly into the semi-finals where Gary Conte gave Brian Yarrison almost a 3-1/2 second head start but having a better reaction time ran him down in the lights for the win.

The other semi-final pair was Bruce Thomas 66 Mustang and Brian Wallace 61 Corvette, based on their reaction times neither racer wanted to win but Bruce prevailed to go on to the final.

In the final Gary Conte gave Bruce Thomas a big head start (10.37 vs 8.88) but with a better reaction time Gary was able run him down in the lights.

Special note on Gary Conte’s elapse time consistency, in 5 rounds of competition Gary ran a 8.87, 8.87, 8.87, 8.90, 8.90. Congratulations on a well earned win and that’s while shifting a 5 speed. Also in time trials it was reported that Gary ran his first 150 MPH run, congratulations again.

South Mountain Recap

Sunday at South Mountain another great MANDRA race day, 20 MANDRA cars on hand it was beautiful, sunny and warm. Brian Wallace was the days sponsor in memory of his father Ron Wallace who was the owner of South Mountain Raceway from 1971 through 2007.

MANDRA had 2 new members this week Ken Kerl driving the English Brothers Studebaker and Roger Bard from Waynesboro, PA with a 69 Camaro.

Frankie “G” had low reaction time in time trials with a .007 with his 73 Mustang, but with 20 cars on hand there wouldn’t be a first round bye. 

Going into the third round found the closely matched pair of Mark Santee and Randy Campbell, in a very close race Randy had the better reaction time and crossed the finish line first with a 6.48 on his 6.46 dial eliminating Mark who ran right on his 6.51 dial.

The second pair was even closer, a contest between Chris Righetti and John Wise, John left first with a .011 light but Chris was right there with a .005 light. In the tightest of finishes Chris ran right on with a 6.501 on his 6.50 dial while John ran out with a 7.04 on his 7.06 dial. What a race. Chris’s .005 reaction time also gave him a bye run into his third final in three races.

Merritt Snyder finished the round with a bye run. Due to low reaction time in the previous round.

The semi-finals brought Randy Campbell and Merritt Snyder to the starting line in another close race. The two cars left the line with the identical reaction times down to the ten thousandth (.0266). Merritt got to the finish line first running right on his 6.53 dial, while Randy slowed to a 6.48 on his 6.46 dial.

Chris Righetti cruised into the finals with his earned bye run.

This set up a rerun of the Sunday final at Beaver Springs, Merritt left first with a better reaction time getting to the finish line first running a 6.59 on a 6.52 dial, again denying Chris a final round win.

Look forward to seeing everyone at Cecil County.

Beaver Springs Recap

May 26, 2020

Good morning MANDRA racers and fans. WOW! We got first and second races of the year in, it was a beautiful weekend, racing was great I believe everyone had a great time and stayed reasonably safe with face masks and reasonable social distancing,

Saturday was sunny at Beaver Springs, racing started on time with 17 MANDRA racers on hand,. Cliff Sebring had low reaction time in time trials with a .0003 light. Unfortunately Ralph Ferraro had a fuel injector problem and was unable to make first round making it a 16 car field and no bye run for Cliff.

Racing went smoothly and the semi-finals pitted Chris Reghetti racing Ray Bloom and Mark Santee against Merritt Snyder. Chris and Ray both had been consistent all day, but Ray ended his day at the starting line with a red light.

The other semi final was the race of the two Comets. This was almost heads up and the announcer declared it to be the race of the day, Mark was dialed at 10.49 and Merritt at 10.48, Mark left the start line with a .008 reaction time and Merritt was right there with a .005. At the finish line Merritt crossed the line first by an .008 margin but ran out by .006, Mark had also run out but by only .001 giving Mark the win.

The final paring was Mark Santee vs Chris Reghetti, Mark left the line first and ran right on his 10.46 dial, while Chris broke out trying to catch him.

Thanks to Charlie Innerest and ARC Plasma Cutting for making Saturdays  sponsorship payouts possible.

In the seasons first consolation race final Bill Werts’ newly painted Camaro defeated Bud Poust.

This was truly a great fist MANDRA race for 2020.

Sunday brought more sunshine and another great day of racing. Due to a very nice turn out of cars at Beaver Springs and the possibility of an afternoon shower Mike announced there would only be one time run. Again Sunday had 16 MANDRA racers. Low reaction time was another .0003 this time by Merritt Snyder, but with 16 cars there would be no first round bye run. Charlie Innerest introduced his grandson Jack Stump as a first time MANDRA racer.

First round brought some breakage as Bob English and Bill Wert, both first round winners, had transmission problems that took them out of competition. In the semi-finals Mark English raced Merritt Snyder with Merritt taking the win and Chris Reghetti against Mark Santee. Chris got revenge for his Saturday night final round loss to Mark with a well deserved win. Both cars ran right on their dial ins with Chris’s better reaction time making the difference.

The final was Chris Reghetti against Merritt Snyder, but a win for Chris was not going to happen tonight as Chris red lighted giving the win to the Comet.

Thanks to Sundays sponsor, English Brothers Racing for making the payouts possible.

All winners should  receive their plaques by the next race.

Congratulations to Mark Santee and Merritt Snyder for their event wins and special congratulations to Chris Reghetti for reaching the finals both days.

Information on our next race scheduled for June 6th will be posted as soon as we can get a confirmation form a track.

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