2018 Results

Recap of Island Dragway April 28th, 2018

"Twenty-one cars traveled to Island Dragway on April 28 for the season opener.  It was great to be back together as a club after what has seemed an endless winter!  Mother Nature still is a bit moody though, and after one round, she decided to ruin the day and the event ended early.  Marc Longacre earned the first-round bye run, but had to drop out due to mechanical issues. The good news of the day is we have a ten-car tie for first place!  Of those ten cars who won first round, you have bragging rights on leading the points; and those who lost first round are all tied for second place!  Marc Longacre will hold third place all on his own!  Thanks to Cyclone Racing for sponsoring the event.

Our next race is on Saturday, May 12 at Numidia, sponsored by Blue Oval Racing.  See you all then!"

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"Memorial Day Weekend 2018 is in the books and almost one-third of our race schedule is over with only one race being completed!  Mother Nature is not being kind and Lady Luck is kicking some butt as well.  Several of our members have had set-backs in getting race ready, some have had troubles on their way to the track, and some have seen misfortune in various ways while at the track.  In spite of it all, we all keep pushing forward, hope for the best, and have a good time along the way.

Saturday's Arc Plasma Cutting sponsored race was completed with 31 cars showing up to battle.  Bob Maulick had low reaction time, but Ralph Ferraro's car broke leaving an even-numbered field, so Bob did not get the earned bye-run.  Semi-final action had Pete Boyer facing Chris Righetti with Chris winning; and Brian Freels and Mike Volpe running each other in the other semi-final pairing with Brian winning.  Brian then faced Chris in the finals with Chris taking the win.  We had a few new members this weekend and few familiar faces joining the regulars once again.  It was a good night of fierce competition giving us all a preview of what may come on down the road.

Mother Nature won on Sunday.  English Brothers Racing sponsored Sunday's event, but it was called early due to rain.

Our next race is this Saturday at Maple Grove for the charity event for Ronald McDonald House.  Iron Horse Construction will be our race sponsor.  Entry fee for the race is $65, but crew members in the tow truck will get in free.  Be sure to tell the gatekeeper you are with MANDRA.

The points have been updated; pictures will be posted to our Shutterfly account."

Hope to see you all Saturday,
Recap of Beaver Springs Dragway
Recap of Cecil County Dragway June 9th

"MANDRA made its way to Cecil County Dragway on Saturday, June 9 with a field of 29 cars. The race was sponsored by CarMike's Restoration and was the 10th Annual Mid-Atlantic Nostalgia Drags event.  Chris Righetti had low reaction time and had an earned bye-run first round.  Due to the threatening weather, we were running on an accelerated program and only had one time shot.  Semi-final action had Charlie Innerst running Ray Bloom with Charlie winning; and the other pairing was Bud Poust against Chris Righetti with Bud being the winner.  The final round had two long-time fierce competitors running each other--Charlie and Bud--and Bud became the victor.  Bud is no stranger to the winner's circle!  Congratulations to Bud and thanks again for Mike Witt of CarMike's Restoration for sponsoring the event. 

The next race is Sunday, June 24 when we will make up the Maple Grove race (charity race for Ronald McDonald's House), sponsored by Iron Horse Construction.  Hope to see you all then!"


Maple Grove Recap

"The Maple Grove event, "Race for the House", a charity race for the Ronald McDonald House was run on Sunday, June 24.  Twenty-eight MANDRA cars came in support of the event.  Iron Horse Construction (John Rose) was the sponsor of MANDRA's race.  John Hake broke, so that left us with an uneven field giving Bob Maulick an earned first-round bye-run.  All first round winners were presented with a trophy.  Semi-final action saw Bill Wert and Marc English facing each other with Marc taking the win.  The other semi-final pairing was Charles Cockerham and Randy Campbell with Randy taking the win.  This put Marc English and Randy Campbell in the finals with Marc becoming the victor.  Congratulations to Marc and the English Brothers Racing team on their first win of the year.  Thanks again to all who participated, Iron Horse Construction, and Mother Nature--she allowed us get one in today, but ten minutes after the final run she left us know she was there! 

The updated points are attached and the Shutterfly account has updated pictures (thanks to Dick DeMott and his photography efforts).

Our next race is Sunday, July 8 at Beaver Springs, sponsored by English Brothers Racing.  See you all there!"


Marc English
Randy Campbell
Charles Cockerham
Bill Wert

Recap of BSD make-up race July 8th

"The English Brothers sponsored make-up race from Memorial Day at BSD was held on July 8.  Twenty-three cars showed up to compete.  Josh Nevells had low reaction time and had an earned bye-run first round.  Semi-final action had Mark Santee earning a bye-run into the finals with Bob Maulick facing Chris Righetti in the other semi-final pairing with Bob taking the win.  Bob and Mark then battled it out with Bob becoming the victor.  Congratulations to the Bare Bones Racing team for their first win of the year.  Thanks to English Brothers Racing for sponsoring the race.  Our next race is being run today as a make-up race at Numidia sponsored by Blue Oval Racing.  The next scheduled race is at South Mountain on Sunday, July 29, sponsored by FWG Racing.  Hope to see you all then!"

Points are updated and are posted.

Recap of Numidia July 14th

"The make-up race at Numidia was run on July 14, sponsored by Blue Oval Racing (Jim Mullin).  Twenty cars came to compete with Ralph Ferraro having mechanical problems and unable to make first round.  This gave Bud Poust an earned bye-run first round.  Semi-final action had Marc English facing Carly Boyer with Marc taking the win and Mark Santee had an earned bye-run into the finals.  Mark and Marc then faced each other with Marc taking the win!  That would be Marc English!  Congratulations on his second win of the year.  The English Brothers racing team seems to have the bugs worked out of the MG.  Thanks to Jim Mullin of Blue Oval Racing for sponsoring the event and to Merritt Snyder, Vice President and Jim Shearer, Race Director and help from race wives and a few others for running the logistics of the race.  The next race is Sunday, July 29, at South Mountain, sponsored by FWG Racing.  See you all there!"

Numidia Winner
Numidia Runner-Up
Numidia Semis - Carly Boyer