2017 Results
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Island Dragway Recap

"Eighteen cars showed up for MANDRA's opening race on Saturday, April 29, at Island Dragway.  New member, John Hake, had trouble with tech, so he did not make the field.  Bud Poust and Pete Boyer also had mechanical issues and did not make eliminations.  Pete Boyer had a 000 light, but had to forfeit first round; therefore, Jim Shearer then received the first-round bye-run.  Semi-final action had Mike Volpe racing Bob Maulick with Mike taking the win; and Bruce Thomas and Randy Campbell running each other with Randy taking the win.  Final action had Mike Volpe beating Randy Campbell.  Congratulations to Mike on this first win of the year and to all racers who were able to participate.  Thank you to AKL Racing (Anthony and Kim Picone) for their continued support of MANDRA by sponsoring the race."

Our next non-points event is Sunday, May 7, at Thompsontown Fire Company's Springtime Shine.  All MANDRA cars are invited to attend.  You can register the day of the event (8AM - 4PM).  Hope to see many of you there.

Our next race is Saturday, May 13, at Numidia, with Blue Oval Racing as our sponsor.

The first points standings for the season are attached.  Photos have been loaded to the MANDRA Shutterfly account thanks to Dick DeMott.
Winner - Mike Volpe
Runner Up - Randy Campbell
Semi Finalist - Bruce Thomas
Semi Finalist - Bob Maulick
Recap of Beaver Springs

"MANDRA rolled into Beaver Springs Dragway with 26 cars for Saturday's event and everyone made the field!  Anthony Picone had low reaction time, but due to the even field, did not receive a bye.  In the second round he ran into a problem with keeping his drive shaft in the car and was out for the day.  Tim Hansberry had a perfect light second round during eliminations on an unearned bye-run; Brian Freels (Freels Racing) sponsored an award for the perfect light during eliminations.  It was good to see Brian and Little Man Chase back at the track, even if it was just as spectators; we hope his health issues get resolved soon and he can be back at the track in competition.  Semi-final action saw Bruce Thomas and Randy Campbell running each other with Randy taking the win.  The other pair in semi-final action was Marc English and Tim Hansberry; Tim broke a steering rod, giving Marc an unearned bye run.  Marc then faced Randy in the finals, with Randy taking the win.  He went on to go two rounds in Top Beaver before losing in the semi-finals.  Thanks to Arc Plasma Cutting for the continued support of MANDRA and for sponsoring Saturday's race.

On Sunday, 26 cars again showed up for competition.  With the threat of rain, we were on an accelerated time schedule--one time shot and go.  Mike Volpe had low reaction time.  We managed to get first round in before the rains came.  An executive decision was made to call the event.  Winners of the first round were awarded 125 points for the day.  There were 13 cars left.  We are not making up this event--it is in the books.  Thanks to English Brothers Racing for their continued support as well and for sponsoring Sunday's race.

Our next race is Saturday, June 10th at Cecil County Dragway (with a rain date of June 11). This event is sponsored by CarMikes Restoration LLC.  Hope to see all of you there at the Mid-Atlantic Nostalgia Drags and Car Show.  Gates open at 8AM."
Randy Campbell - Winner
Marc English - Runner Up
Randy and Marc
Tim Hansberry - Semi's
Bruce Thomas - Semi's

Recap of Cecil County

"MANDRA had twenty-eight cars at the 9th Annual Mid-Atlantic Nostalgia Drags at Cecil County on June 10th.  Ralph Ferraro had motor-mount problems and had to scratch in his FE dragster leaving an uneven field giving Merritt Snyder earned low-reaction bye-run first round.  Bob English had an earned bye-run into the semi-finals with a perfect light.  He then ran Denny Frymoyer in the semi-finals, with Denny taking the win.  Cookie Monster (Bruce Thomas) took down Plum Loco (Randy Campbell) in the other semi-final action.  This had Denny Frymoyer and Bruce Thomas in the finals.  Denny took the win in his FE dragster; I believe this is Denny's first win with MANDRA.  Congratulations to him and his crew.  It was a great weekend of racing and all wrapped up by 7:30PM.  Thanks to CarMikes Restoration LLC for sponsoring the race.  Also thanks to John Priestley, promoter of the event; and thanks to Bruce Larsen and Rocky Pirrone for signing our MANDRA winner-event trophy and the race poster."

"Our next race is the make-up race for Numidia (sponsored by Blue Oval Racing) on Saturday, June 17.  Gates open at 9AM....MANDRA's time trials will start at 11AM.  This gets our program rolling before they start time trials for the other eliminators.  We should wrap up our program sometime in the late afternoon.  Sunday will not be a rain date.  Sunday is Fathers Day...so take the day off and enjoy being pampered on Sunday!  Hope to see you all there at Numidia on Saturday!"
Winner - Denny Frymoyer
Runner Up - Bruce Thomas
Semi's - Bob English
Semi's - Randy Campbell