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MANDRA Year-end Wrap-up

As we close out 2016, I want to once again thank all members, crews, families and sponsors for another safe and successful racing season.  We had a great turn-out at our banquet on November 19 where we crowned Bud Poust our Points Champion for 2016, with Marc English in second and myself in third.  Congratulations to all the top 20 drivers and special awards recipients.  Photos can be viewed on the Shutterfly account. 

Our first membership meeting for 2017 will be on Sunday, January 8 at 1:30PM at the Ranch House Restaurant (along Rt 11/15) near Duncannon.   The room will be available for those wishing to have lunch at 12:30.  This is the meeting where nominations are made for your officers to lead you in the coming racing season.  You can also present changes that you would like to see in the By-laws and Rules.  The schedule might be completed by then; there will be a few changes on the line-up from last year.  Many of the tracks are very enthusiastic and finalizing their schedules earlier than usual.  This is a club run by its members; please try and attend if you can.  You can pay your dues for 2017 at the meeting; the meeting is open to everyone, but you must be a member to vote. 

Since this is the holiday season, my wife and I want to extend our best wishes for a very Merry Christmas.  Enjoy time with those you love and we'll see you in 2017!

Marc English 2nd Place 2016
Randy Campbell 3rd Place 2016
Motorama 2017
MANDRA members....

We are about to begin MANDRA's 19th season of racing!  I'm going to bring you up-to-date on the news/changes from our two membership meetings of 2017, for the benefit of those who were not there.

The minutes of the January 8th meeting are on the website, but there was one rule change that needs to be noted.  "A mandatory drivers' meeting will be held at every event prior to the first round of eliminations.  All drivers must sign in prior to time trials to be eligible for earned, low-reaction-time bye run."   This rule was voted on and passed by the membership at the meeting and will be enforced.

The minutes of the March meeting will be posted at a later date, but here is a summary of that meeting.  The 2017 slate of officers remained the same as 2016:  Randy Campbell, President; Merritt Snyder, Vice President; Charlie Innerst, Secretary; Barbara Sommers, Treasurer.  The 2017 Board of Directors are Bob English, Marc English and Ralph Ferraro.  Jim Shearer has been appointed Race Director.   Frank Giallonardo will continue on as our webmaster and John Wise will be our points director. 

There was discussion on whether MANDRA would like to purchase a block in the Racers' Hall of Fame at the Eastern Museum of Motor Racing.  It was decided to take donations to purchase a block at the facility. Some members have already committed to or have donated.  There will be a donation can at the races if anyone wants to contribute.  On behalf of the club, thank you to all who have donated so far.  EMMR does have a permanent drag racing section in the museum now.  The English Brothers' Ghia is on display for this year, with several other cars, and Ralph's crew chief "Kevin".  If you get a chance to visit the museum, please stop in.

Darwin Doll from EMMR (Eastern Museum of Motor Racing) is looking for MANDRA cars for the York US30 Heritage Days, Friday, July 7 (show hours 1-7PM) and Saturday, July 8 (show hours 9AM-5PM).  Pre-registration of vehicles is required.  Entry applications can be found at  Download the entry form, print it out, attach a picture of your car, and mail it in.  Registration is free, but you must get registered as soon as possible.  Sunday, July 9 will be the Nostalgia Nationals at Beaver Springs where you can race.  The Sunday event is one of BSD's biggest events of the year with a lot of nostalgia race cars.  (A copy of the flyer is attached.)

Another event of interest to MANDRA is the Springtime Shine at Thompsontown Fire Company's Car Show, May 7, 8AM-4PM (raindate May 21).  This is always a nice show with lots of cars and the fire company has always been very generous to the club.  This year MANDRA will hold a Kackle Fest for spectators.  Pre-registration is $12 (day of show registration is $15).  We will have registration forms at the first race at Island or contact me or  Jeremy Dunn at (A copy of the registration form is attached.)

Lastly, and most importantly, our first race of the season is Saturday, April 29 at Island Dragway, with AKL Racing as our sponsor.  According to their website, gates open at 12 noon with time trials at 3PM  and eliminations at 5PM. 

If you have not paid your membership dues, they need to be paid now.  They can be mailed to me or Barbara, or paid at the first race. 

We are looking forward to another exciting racing season and hope you all have those cars dusted off and oil changed and are ready to go!

See you all soon!
First Race, Island Dragway

Just a reminder that our first race of the season is Saturday, April 29.  Gates open at 12 noon, time trials at 3PM, and eliminations at 5PM.  Make sure you tell the gatekeeper you are with MANDRA when you get your tech card; and remember to sign in at the MANDRA table before time trials.

If you want an updated picture of your car on the website, please send one to either me or Frankie G.

We still are in need of sponsors for the Island race in August and the last race at South Mountain in October.  Let me know if you are interested.

The forecast is looking good for Saturday....hope to see many of you at our opening day for 2017!

Numidia Make-Up Race

Just a note to keep you all up-to-date on a few events coming up.  The Numidia race was rescheduled for Saturday, June 17 (Fathers Day weekend).  We are racing Saturday, so your families can still treat you like a king on Sunday!

This weekend is the rescheduled Thompsontown Fire Company's Springtime Shine....registration from 8AM-12PM; all MANDRA cars are invited (you did not have to pre-register).  MANDRA will perform a "cacklefest" at 12 noon for the spectators!

Also this weekend the Eastern Museum of Motor Racing (EMMR) will host the Jalopy Showdown at Latimore Valley Fairgrounds on Saturday.  This is always a crowd-pleasing event with the old-time race cars running around the dirt track at Latimore.  It runs from 8AM til 6PM.  I'll probably go at some point in the day to watch the racing -- it's always been on my bucket list!

Next weekend (Memorial Day weekend) we will be at BSD for our next points race on Saturday and Sunday (with Monday being a rain date).  This is one of our bigger car-count events and hope all of you can make a weekend out of it.

Enjoy the great weather....see you all soon!

Sunday August 6th Race at Island

Just a reminder that this Sunday is our next race at Island Dragway.  Gates open at 9AM, time trials at 11AM and eliminations at 2PM.  Cyclone Racing is our sponsor for the event and a "Wally" will be presented to the winner.

Make sure you tell the gate keeper that you are with MANDRA (should be a $45 entry fee and $25 spectator fee).  This is their 57th annual Funny Car Throwdown; thus, the reason for the high spectator entry fee.

This race will be the half-way done mark for the season.  So far, we've had a different winner at every event.  Points are really tightening up.  Hope to see you all there.


South Mountain

"Our final race of the year will be on Sunday, October 15 at South Mountain. Gates open at 8AM and time trials start at 11AM. This will be a big show and you need to be there! It is the Mountain's John Potocki Memorial Race (John was a former member of MANDRA); and it will be points championship show-down for MANDRA with several of the top three or four drivers still in contention for the 2017 Points Championship. Better Half Racing is our sponsor. As a reminder, anyone coming on Interstate Route 81 -- the easiest way to the track -- take the Rt 34S towards Mt Holly Springs exit. Go on 34S to Mt Holly, make a left at the Sheets station, take a right on the first road to the right past the glass plant (Red Tank Road) and follow to the track. The weather forecast is looking good.

Also, it is time to make reservations for the banquet. You can do so at the race on Sunday, or contact Randy or Merritt to reserve your spot. Cost is $25 per person; children under 12 are $12.95...bring your entire family!"

See you all Sunday,

MANDRA 2018 Membership Meeting

Hi folks,

The first membership meeting for 2018 will be held on Sunday, December 10, at 3PM at the Ranch House Restaurant (3456 Susquehanna Trail, Duncannon, PA 17020).   We will have the meeting first at 3PM sharp, and then for those who would like to stay for a bite to eat, we will do that afterwards.  It is nice to support the restaurant because they do not charge us for the room.  So I encourage you to stay afterwards and at least have a piece of pie or cup of coffee, if not a meal.

At this meeting, we will have nominations for officers for the coming year and discuss any rule changes or bylaws changes for the upcoming season.  Since we only have two membership meetings a year, it is important that you try to attend and have your voice heard and your vote count.  Membership dues for 2018 can be paid now.  I am working on a preliminary schedule, but nothing is set in stone yet.  It will be finalized after the new year.

I hope to see you all there.