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Cecil County recap

The seasons last race at Cecil County Dragway went off with out a hitch, Mother Nature cooperated and many racers ran the quickest times of the year.

MANDRA had 23 cars on hand and everyone was ready for first round, Bob Maulick got the bye run with a .008 reaction time on both time runs.

By third round we were down to 6 cars with Randy Campbell defeating Cliff Sebring in the Checker, Pete Boyer defeating Mark Santee in a close race and Merritt Snyder defeating Mike Volpe.

Semi-finals saw Pete Boyer win over Randy Campbell, Randy had the better reaction time but ran too fast by .002, Merritt Snyder had a bye run into the finals.

The final was over at the starting line, Pete Boyer left first and Merritt turned on the red light.

This was a very deserving and popular win for Pete Boyer after missing more than half the season do to health problems. Congratulation Pete, welcome back to the winners circle.

The MANDRA banquet is November 16th at the Revere Tavern in beautiful Paradise, PA. Please make sure Kim or Barbara have your reservations.

This will be the last chance to get MANDRA tee shirts, sweat shirts, hats and jackets, order now from Barbara and we will deliver them at the banquet.

The MANDRA member ship meeting will be 1 PM, Sunday, December 15th at the EMMR museum in York Springs, PA.


Cecil County Oct 12 Winner - Pete Boyle
Cecil County Oct 12 Runner-up - Merritt Snyder
Cecil County Oct 12 Semi's - Randy Campbell

MANDRA  South Mountain Recap


The racing seems to get more exciting each week as we get closer to seasons end. Unless Randy Campbell stays home and Mark Santee wins the Cecil County race the number one spot looks predetermined. Bill Wert, Marc English and John Wise improved their positions by going rounds.

The days sponsor was FWG Racing, thank you Frankie G for your support allowing trophy plaques and a payout to the winner, runner-up and semi-finalists along with a bonus for a winning low reaction time in eliminations won by Marc English with a .010 in the first round.

Thank you to MANDRA racers for presenting a 25 car field at South Mountain. Unfortunately the new guy, Bud Poust, suffered breakage and couldn’t make first round. The 25 car field helped MANDRA get a track bonus allowing MANDRA to make a payout to the third round runner-ups. (Third round losers).

Third round found Randy Campbell defeating Jamie Reichert, Mark Santee defeating Marc English and Bill Wert defending his points position over John Wise.

The semi-finals saw Bill Wert send Randy Campbell home in a really close race, when Bill ran right on his 7.03 dial in while Randy ran a 6.45 on his 6.44 dial, but Randy lost at the starting line with a .006 red light. Mark Santee had a bye run into the finals based on his .030 reaction time in the previous round.

In the final Bill Wert left first with a .053 handicap head start but Mark Santee took away that advantage with a .053 better reaction time giving Mark his fourth win of the season.

The Consolation race came down the Merritt Snyder and Brian Yarrison in the final, based on the reaction times neither driver wanted to win but Merritt prevailed with a 6.50 on a 6.48 dial in.


In the Powder Puff race run by South Mountain with the help of Kim Picone, Carly Boyer and John Rose, we regret we do not have the name of the young lady in the yellow Camaro who won, but congratulations to all the days winners.

South Mountain had a good crowd for their Glory Days event and except for one oil down the event went very well. Thank you again to South Mountain and all the participants.


South Mountain Winner - Mark Santee
South Mountain Runner-up - Bill Wert
South Mountain Semi's - Randy Campbell
South Mountain Consolation - Merritt Snyder

MANDRA Atco recap

Mandra Racers

Another great day of MANDRA racing at Atco Dragway for their Nostalgia Fall Classic. The event was well run with little down time.

Big thank you to the days sponsor John Hakes Auto Service. There were 22 members on hand and the weather was beautiful and the competition was tough.

First round action saw Bob English defeat Mark Santee with a .000 light and Mike Vope defeating Tony Picone with a .002 light, these guys were serious.

In third round close racing continued with Mike Volpe chopping down the Christmas tree again against Ray Bloom with Mike running an 11.80 on his 11.79 dial and Ray running an 11.11 on his 11.10 dial, but Mike had the race at the starting line with a .003 reaction time. Merritt Snyder ran Bob English in a close race decided at the finish line when Merritt broke out by .003 while Bob broke out by .004. In the other third round matchup another close race with Randy Campbell winning, running a 10.39 on his 10.38 dial to Charlie Innersts 10.30 on his 10.29 dial in.

The semi-finals brought Randy Campbell to the line against Merritt Snyder in a almost heads up race (10.38 vs 10.33), but the race was over at the starting line when Merritt had a.010 red light, but Randy was ready for anything with a .000 perfect light. Mike Volpe had a bye run into the final.

The final looked to be another close race that unfortunately ended at the starting line as well with a .005 red light for Mike Volpe. This was a great race day for all involved.

The points racers were followed by the MANDRA consolation race, these guys were ready to race too with the worst reaction time in the first round being  an .068. The consolation race final was Mark Santee vs Cliff Sebring with Mark taking the win with the days third MANDRA .000 perfect reaction time.


Congratulations to all the winners. See everyone at South Mountain next Sunday.


Atco Winner - Randy Campbell
Atco Runner-up - Mike Volpe
Atco Semi's - Ray Bloom
Atco Consolation Winner - Mark Santee

MANDRA Cecil County Recap

MANDRA racers


Mother Nature gave MANDRA a break for the annual Founders Day Race and Picnic, we could have all been watching the wind and the rain as hurricane Dorian went by.

The picnic was fun and the racing was funner. A shake up in points started in the first round when Tony Picone won over Mark Santee and Randy Campbell started a win streak defeating Bob Maulick.

The third round found Randy Campbell defeating John Harris and Brian Yarrison getting the win over Tony Picone. New member Paul Spotts in his 69 Pontiac Trans Am defeated John Wise, with Cliff Sebring in the Checker, who seems to be getting better each race, advancing with a bye run. At the end of the third round 8 of the top 10 in points were out of competition.

Semi-finals pitted Cliff Sebring against Brian Yarrison with Cliff getting the win and Randy Campbell winning over Paul Spotts.

It was Randy Campbell and Cliff Sebring in competition for the final with Randy taking the win.

This race shook up the points a bit with 3 races left for 2019. This win puts Randy Campbell number one in points followed by Mark Santee with Brian Yarrison moving into third place.

Our next race will be at Atco Dragway on Sunday Sept 22nd, details next week. The competition will definitely get tougher the closer we get to end of season.

Look forward to seeing everyone at Atco Dragway.

Have a great week.


Winner - Randy Campbell
Runner-Up - Cliff Sebring
Semi's - Paul Spotts
Semi's - Brian Yarrison

MANDRA Beaver Springs Labor Day Recap

Saturday at Beaver Springs seemed like a great day for everyone, some of the girls seemed to be having a better time than the racers. Wonder what was in those ice cold drinks? Team Ferraro was the days sponsor of the plaques and purse.

The weather was great and the competition was close, Ralph Ferraro won his first round race with Jim Shearer by .0001.

Saturdays 3rd round found Randy Campbell defeating Cliff Sebring, Mark Santee winning over Bob English, Bob Maulick over Bill Wert and John Wise having a bye run.

In the Semi-finals Randy Campbell won over John Wise in a very close match with Mark Santee taking out Bob Maulick.

It was a duel of the points leaders in the Saturday night final with Mark Santee taking the win when Randy fouled.

The consolation race had 12 participants with the semi-finals pitting Judd McKinseys wheel standing Camaro against Bud Poust with Judd moving to the finals and Marc English going into the finals with a bye run. Based on the reaction times in the final neither competitor wanted to win, but the win went to Marc English in a double break out race.

The Sunday race was rained out after the first round, all competitors in Sundays race will receive 100 points, with first round winners receiving an additional 25 points.

Sundays sponsor for the Brad McKinsey Memorial Race, Rivers Truck Center, has agreed to carry its sponsorship over to the Cecil County race and the Cecil County race sponsor Santee Racing has agreed to combine sponsorship for a double payout at the founders day race and picnic.

Thanks to everyone for making Beaver Springs a fun event and helping MANDRA put on a great race.


Winner - Mark Santee
Runner-Up - Randy Campbell
Semi's - John Wise
Semi's - Bob Maulick
Consolation Winner - Marc English
MANDRA Maple Grove Recap

Sunday was a hot, very humid day at Maple Grove but that didn’t stop 16 MANDRA racers from having a great day of competition for the Glory Days event. Racing started on time and MANDRA ran our final round at about 3:30.

Quarter finals found Mark Santee racing Ralph Ferraro with Mark getting the win when Ralphs’ magneto broke and had to be towed off the track, Bob Maulick won over Ray Bloom, Steve Kerns dragster won over Merritt Snyder and Josh Nevells won over Clarence Fords’ Ford Fairlane.

In the semi-finals Mark Santee won over Steve Kerns with a very close double breakout race and Josh Nevells won over Bob Maulick.

Unfortunately the finals ended quickly when Josh Nevells red lighted against Mark Santee.

No points were awarded at this race but Mark Santee went home with a $100 for the win, Josh Nevells received $50 for runner up and Steve Kerns and Bob Maulick each got $25 for their semi-final finish.

Despite the heat and humidity we had a fun race and I would like to extend a special thank you to everyone who was able to add this event to their schedule.

See everyone at Beaver Springs.

MANDRA Island Dragway Recap


Great racing at Great Meadows, NJ for the Island Dragway Anniversary and Funny Car Throwdown.

MANDRA had 16 cars at Island Dragway, The tracks funny car show went on with a few issues but the MANDRA show went smooth as can be. Dick DeMotts’ D & M Engineering was the days sponsor and a Wally went to the days winner.

Tony Picone had the low reaction time of time trials with a .015 but as often happens the even number of cars took away the opportunity for the first round bye run.

The semi-finals brought last weeks runner up Jim Shearer up against Bob English with Bob winning the round and Randy Campbell against Marc English with Randy running right on his dial for the win.

The final was a close race with Bob English winning his second race of the year with a better reaction time.

Brian Yarrison had a tough trip to Island Dragway having a blowout on his trailer along the way, however Brian won $93 in the MANDRA 50/50 drawing which should help ease the pain.

We have received a message from the elusive Bruce Thomas, Bruce and Denise have been busy making their move from Philadelphia to their Delaware retirement estate and haven’t had time for racing this year. Bruce and Denise hope to make it to the Cecil County race.

Everyone have a great week
See you at Maple Grove Sunday Aug 18th

Island Dragway 8/4/19 - Winner Bob English
Island Dragway 8/4/19 - Runner-up Randy Campbell
Island Dragway Semi's 8/4/19 - Jim Shearer
Island Dragway Semi's 8/4/19 Marc English
Recap of BSD make-up race July 8th

"The English Brothers sponsored make-up race from Memorial Day at BSD was held on July 8.  Twenty-three cars showed up to compete.  Josh Nevells had low reaction time and had an earned bye-run first round.  Semi-final action had Mark Santee earning a bye-run into the finals with Bob Maulick facing Chris Righetti in the other semi-final pairing with Bob taking the win.  Bob and Mark then battled it out with Bob becoming the victor.  Congratulations to the Bare Bones Racing team for their first win of the year.  Thanks to English Brothers Racing for sponsoring the race.  Our next race is being run today as a make-up race at Numidia sponsored by Blue Oval Racing.  The next scheduled race is at South Mountain on Sunday, July 29, sponsored by FWG Racing.  Hope to see you all then!"

Points are updated and are posted.

Maple Grove Recap

"The Maple Grove event, "Race for the House", a charity race for the Ronald McDonald House was run on Sunday, June 24.  Twenty-eight MANDRA cars came in support of the event.  Iron Horse Construction (John Rose) was the sponsor of MANDRA's race.  John Hake broke, so that left us with an uneven field giving Bob Maulick an earned first-round bye-run.  All first round winners were presented with a trophy.  Semi-final action saw Bill Wert and Marc English facing each other with Marc taking the win.  The other semi-final pairing was Charles Cockerham and Randy Campbell with Randy taking the win.  This put Marc English and Randy Campbell in the finals with Marc becoming the victor.  Congratulations to Marc and the English Brothers Racing team on their first win of the year.  Thanks again to all who participated, Iron Horse Construction, and Mother Nature--she allowed us get one in today, but ten minutes after the final run she left us know she was there! 

The updated points are attached and the Shutterfly account has updated pictures (thanks to Dick DeMott and his photography efforts).

Our next race is Sunday, July 8 at Beaver Springs, sponsored by English Brothers Racing.  See you all there!"

MANDRA South Mountain Recap

Hot temperatures and hot racing at South Mountain Raceway on Sunday. MANDRA had 19 cars and no breakage. Tim Grace looked like the day was going his way with low reaction time in time trials, .004 and in his first round bye run, .006. But Tim didn’t have a 00 reaction time in the second round against Cliff Sebring in the checker, ending his day early.

Sundays sponsor, R & A Racing, also offered $50 to the low reaction time during eliminations, everyone was eligible both in the points race and in the consolation race. The winner of the $50 was Judd McKinsey with a .005 in the second round of the points race, congratulations Judd, thank you to Ray and Allison Bloom for sponsoring the event.

Third round quarter finals saw Mark Santee over Bill Smith, Jim Shearer over Cliff Sebring while Judd McKinsey had a bye run based on the .005.

In the semi-finals Jim Shearer and Judd McKinsey both ran right on their dial in giving the win to Jim Shear with a slightly better reaction time. Mark Santee had a bye run into the finals.

The final looked like any ones race, Jim Shearer again ran right on his dial with a 6.8503 on his 6.85 dial but Mark Santees’ better reaction time gave him the win.

In the consolation race semi-finals John Rose defeated Bill Wert and Charlie Innerst defeat Brian Yarrison.

The final pitted John Rose against Charlie Innerest with John getting the win. It was a good day for the Rose family as Johns son also won in the JR mini bike class. Congratulations to all.

South Mountain July 28 - Winner Mark Santee
South Mountain July 28 - Runner-Up Jim Shearer
South Mountain July 28 - Semi's Judd McKinsey
South Mountain July 28 - Consolation Win - John Rose
Beaver Springs Recap

Thank you to everyone who made it to Beaver Springs Saturday for the rescheduled Memorial Day rain out race. English Brothers Racing was the days sponsor, 24 cars were on hand giving MANDRA a track bonus, allowing us to give a payout to quarter-finalists (third round runner ups).

Charles Cockerham earned the first round bye run with a .007 low reaction time in time trials but with 24 cars on hand there was no first round bye run.

The quarter-finals (third round) included wins by Bob Maulick over Judd McKinsey, John Wise over John Hake and Brian Yarrison over Bud Post.

Semi-finals pitted Bob Maulick against John Wise, John left first with a .007 reaction time, but it was over quickly as Bob had a mechanical problem at the starting line. Brian Yarrison had a bye run into the final.

The final was Brian Yarrison against John wise, Brian left first and what looked like a fun race was over when John turned on a red light while running an 11.26 on his 11.26 dial in. Congratulations to Brian Yarrison.

In the MANDRA consolation race semi-finals it was Mark English up against Jim Shearer in Randy Campbells roadster with Mark taking the win while Josh Nevells had a bye run into the finals.

In the consolation race final both Mark and Josh ran .05 off their dial in with Marks better reaction time making the difference.

This was another great day of MANDRA racing.

One last thought, who left Beaver Springs without getting their payout?

MANDRA Mason Dixon Race Recap

Good morning MANDRA

It was a long short day for MANDRA racers at Mason Dixon, although race day started off great even though temperature was hot for time runs. Just after the second time run rain came for about an hour. Mason Dixon was doing a good job of drying the track when rain came again bringing an end to race day.

The Mason Dixon race will not be rescheduled and all Mason Dixon attendees will receive 50 points, MANDRA did receive payment from the track for our participation, as usual that payment goes into the MANDRA end of year points fund.

A special thanks to John Hake’s Auto Service, the Mason Dixon sponsor, John is moving his sponsorship to the Atco race on September 22nd,

Next race will be the Beaver Springs make up race this Saturday July 13th with information coming later today.

See you there.

Cecil County Recap (8 June 2019)

Good morning race fans,

MANDRA racers put the fifth race of the season in the books this weekend with the nostalgia race at Cecil County. 34 MANDRA cars were on hand for the event, unfortunately Charlie Innerst left all his oil and coolant in the shutdown area and reduced the field to 33 for first round. This created a first round bye run for John Hake with a .001 reaction time.

Question of the day was who’s John Quinn? John is a new member from Mechanicsville, MD with a sharp looking orange 55 Chevy who “earned” his way to the winners circle at Cecil County.

The quarter finals saw John Quinn against Mark Santee with Mark having a better reaction time but unable to run his dial in and Carly Boyer racing Randy Campbell, Carly was unable to run her dial in due to a failing transmission and Randy moved on to the semi-finals, Mark English had a bye run.

In the semi-finals Mark English defeated Randy Campbell to earn a spot in the finals and John Quinn had a bye run. The final pitted John Quinn against Mark English with Mark getting a -.011 red light to end his day.

Congratulations to John Quinn for a successful first day with MANDRA.

After Cecil County Carly Boyer and Mark Santee are tie for first place in points.

Next race will be Mason Dixon on July 6th, see everyone there.

Cecil County Winner - John Quinn
Cecil County Runner-Up - Randy Campbell
Cecil County Semi's - Marc English
Maple Grove Recap (1 June 2019)

Saturday at Maple Grove for the Ronald McDonald House charity race provided another great day of MANDRA racing.

John Rose and Iron Horse Construction sponsored MANDRA providing some Cool custom made trophies, a Purse for the Winner, Runner up and Semi-Finalists and a few other goodies.

One race in the quarter-finals brought the two English brothers together for the second time in two races with Bob and Mark showing their strong competitive skills, unfortunately for Mark it was over at the start when Mark had a .003 red light, Bob left with a .001 green light to win the round. (looks like great family competition)

This moved Bob to the semi-finals to face Tony Picone with Bob taking the win, the other semi-final faced a hot Bill Wert against Charlie Innerst, Bill had a better reaction time but Charlie ran closer to his dial in for the win.

The final had Bob English and Charlie Innerst in competition with Charlie getting a better light but Bob ran closer to his dial in for the win.

After the first four MANDRA races our new points leader is Bill Wert.

Maple Grove Winner - Bob English
Maple Grove Runner-Up - Charlie Innerst
Maple Grove Semi's - Bill Wert
Maple Grove Semi's - Marc English
Beaver Springs Recap
(May 25th, 2019)
(May 26th Rained Out)

Sunshine greeted MANDRA racers Saturday morning at Beaver Springs with 29 cars on hand for competition with Charlie Innerst’s, ARC Plasma Cutting, sponsoring Saturdays winners plaques and payout.

We would like to recognize 3 new members Rich Smith with a 1970 Opal GT, Steve Kaiser with a 1970 Plymouth Hemi “Cuda” and Kim Walker with a 1964 Plymouth Belvedere with a 426 Max Wedge.

Because of the 29 car field there was a first time payout to quarter finalists, congratulations to Bob English, Tony Picone, Bob Maulick and Randy Campbell.

In the semi-finals Bill Wert defeated Mark English and Merritt Snyder defeated John Wise, setting up a Studebaker vs Comet final.

Bill Wert has been doing so well lately rumor is he wants to trade in his Camaro  for a Studebaker gasser.

It was a close race in the finals, with only a .005 reaction time difference at the starting line, Bill crossed the finish line first but was .009 too quick with an 11.69 on his 11.70 dial, Merritt ran a 10.37 on his 10.34 dial for the win.

Sunshine greeted 24 MANDRA racers Sunday morning too, but it didn’t last. The Sunday race was rained out and will be rescheduled at Beaver Springs. The only date off the table for rescheduling is the weekend of June 15 & 16 due to the NHRA Hot Rod reunion at Bowling Green, KY.

Be prepared for the Ronald McDonald House charity race at Maple Grove on Saturday. Lets have a 32 car field, or more. Details tomorrow.


Note: To clarify the Beaver Springs race will be rescheduled, we do not have a date yet, but the rescheduled race will NOT interfere with the NHRA Hot Rod Reunion June 15 & 16.

In recent years MANRA members have made numerous requests for a "Powder Puff" race at one of our events. Kim Picone has 6 or 7 confirmed participants. Any other members wishing to participate please speak with Kim and we will try to set up a location and date.

Have a great day.

Numidia Recap (5-11-2019)

We had a great day of racing at Numidia Dragway with plenty of warm sunshine most of the day. Jim Mullins’ “Blue Oval Racing” sponsored the plaques for the day and Barbara Sommers “Better Half Racing” sponsored a payout. 25 MANDRA cars were at Numidia.

Semi-final round action saw Randy Campbell up against Bill Wert, who did an excellent job driving the English Bros Studebaker gasser for the first time, with Randy taking the win. Mark Santee had a bye run into the final.

Mark Santee was the standout of the day taking the win in the final by .004 over Randy Campbell, Randy made his first race of the season count with the runner up position. The win moved Mark into the points lead, followed by Carly Boyer and Art Hand.

MANDRAs’ first consolation race was a success the semi-final pitted Brian Yarrison against Tim Hansberry with Brian going on to the final
to race Merritt Snyder who had a bye run into the final. Brian came out the winner when Merritt had a .006 red light at the start.

MANDRA racing will continue in two weeks at Beaver Springs Dragway. MANDRA will have another consolation race at Beaver Springs on Saturday only. Lets have a big turnout to show support for Beaver Springs.

Hope to see everyone there,


Mark Santee - Winner
Randy Campbell - Runner-Up
Bill Wert - Semi's
Brian Yarrison - Consolation Winner
Island Recap (4-27-2019)

It was a cold, windy, dreary night ‘til we completed the first 2019 MANDRA race at Island Dragway. But the competition was excellent and everyone seemed to have a good day of racing.

AKL Racing was the days sponsor for the winners plaques, the Iron Man Belt, eh er, Iron Girl Belt, eh, er, (well it was leather anyway), and a purse for the winner, runner up and semi-finalists. Thank you Tony and Kim.

Carly Boyer was the big winner and as far as anyone could remember became the first female winner of a MANDRA race. Congratulations to Carly.

With the weather obviously being a factor only 12 cars were at the first race, including new member John Harris. Pat Brewer was unable to make the call for first round giving Carly Boyer the bye run with .005 reaction times on both time runs.

There were 3 cars in the semi-finals with Mark Santee getting the bye run and Carly Boyer defeating Art Hand to set up the final. Mark Santee had an advantage at the starting line but was too quick at the finish line with the win going to Carly.

I would like to thank everyone who endured the windy cold day.

Lets look forward to the next race Numidia Dragway May 11th.

Carly Boyer Island Winner
Mark Santee Island Runner-Up
Art Hand Island Semi's
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